Help!! Votes Needed for National Tour Op.

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    Sep 27, 2001
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    Hey Everyone, My Name is Rob and I am the bass player for FISTICUFF. My Band is currently in a competition called Project Independent. PROJECT INDEPENDENT is a national touring, artist showcase program specifically designed for the discovery and development of independent metal artists. Each year, They travel throughout the country coordinating with local promoters from coast to coast to find the best, independent metal artists in the area. Then They invite these artists to participate in there exclusive artist showcases, where they perform in front of their peers, and in the presence of Project Independent A&R. One artist from each event will be selected to participate in the online voting process, exposing them to over 3 million metal fans who will vote to decide the next Project Independent Featured Artist. We were one of the selected Artist and are currently in the voting process to be the Next Fetured Artist. We are Currently in Fourth but hope to pull ahead and get the win. Please check it out at, Oh and they currently have a Schecter Guitar Giveaway you can Enter.

    If you dont want to vote for us at least go and check out the other bands and hopefully you will vote for someone. It Seams you can vote about 10 times every 24hrs even though it says only once. Also if you get a chance stop by our myspace page Please help Keep Independent Metal Alive!!!!!
    Thanks Rob Bass of the Cuff