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  1. :confused: I've been studing & practiceing for almost a year & I'm ready to buy an amp, head, combo, whatever!!! I'll be playing smaller club's & some outdoors. I don't want something too big or too small & can't afford to be replacing every 6 mo. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. if your on a budget alot of people recomend avatar cabs. what kind of bass do you have? you could go with a pre amp power amp setup for pretty cheap. and if you have an active bass you can just get a power amp until you can afford a pre amp.
  3. :) My budget is around a grand & I have a '86 Peavey Dyna Bass. I've been told the Workingman 2x10 combo is good, Mesa Boogie. Red Head & on & on. Thxs. for your help.
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    If you could find a used Mesa bassbuster 2x10 that would rule... Plenty of used stuff around here for sale. As far as combos go i really like the GK 1001RB 2x10.

  5. an avatar 4x10 is 375bucks with shipping a decent power amp is 400-600 bucks and a pre amp sans amp rbi is 300 used would be about 100or so. and if you have any extra money you could get a 1x15cab with it and run about 1000-2000 watts for under 1000dollers. hope this helps
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    In that price range, you could get a very good used Metro or Super Redhead. Or perhaps a new Bassman 400, which has pleasantly surprised me every time I've played one. You wouldn't be replacing any of these amps any time soon.
  7. :D Thank you all very much. I appreciate your help. R.
  8. no problem im glad i could help:D i am in the process of purchasing my rig:ninja:
  9. I'm with Munji on this one. I was on the hunt for a combo and ended up with the new Fender Bassman 400 Pro. I felt it was a great buy when comparing the sound, features, quality and price. Alot of TB'ers like the Peavey BAM, but it's going to be more than $1,000.00 new. IMO the new Fender sounds great and is hundreds less than the Metro, Red Head and BAM.
  10. but could a combo amp handle the outdoors?
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    DI out owns you all tbh
  12. Not by itself. You'll probably want to use the DI and run through the PA and use your amp as a stage monitor. You can always add a 2x10" or a 15" extension cabinet to any of the above mentioned combos. The Bassman does 500 watts RMS into a 2 ohm load; just add a 4 ohm 15" extention cabinet on the big gigs if you wish.
  13. thought so.
  14. how many ohms is the bassman 400 pro w/o an extension? 4 or 8?
  15. 4 ohm