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HELP WANTED: Any bass players in North NJ looking for a band?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by paddygil2, Jul 17, 2002.

  1. (I know Paul was going to put up a "Bass Players wanted" forum but I need to get this message out already. Mods, please move it if it is not appropriate here.)

    Need your help guys - I'm moving out of NJ for dayjob / career-related reasons. As such am leaving my band and need to find someone to fill the bass role. It's a cover band situation, 2 guitars, front man, drummer and bass. We play stuff from the 80's (think Tommy Tutone / Vapors) to 311,Hoobastank, Jimmy Eat World. Band is based in North New Jersey (rehearse in Fairfield).

    The guys are really great to work with, everyone is in early-mid 30's, has a day job and families so gigging 2-3x a month is probably as much this band will do. If you are looking for heavy gigging and semi-rock stardom, this probably isn't the band that will bring you that. Regular, fun gigs with some great people / musicians - this is the ticket!

    There is a lot of talent in this band, we've been playing together for about a year but each player has at least 10 years experience on their instrument. What else, the drummer is absolutely k*ck-ass to groove with (can go from Dream Theater to Sly and the Family Stone without blinking!), the guitarists will actually ask you to turn UP and play more aggresively (you read that right!!!) and our front man is in no way a prima donna - great pipes too!

    Our sorry attempt at web design is on "www.plasticarmymen.net". There's a lot more to discuss but if you are interested or know anyone who is, drop me a line at: paddybgil@aol.com or PM me here.

    Timing for my move is mid-late September. There are gigs lined up so its possible that if we find the right person, I could relinquish my seat much earlier. Peace
  2. There's gotta be someone who can help....anyone? The situation doesn't suck - its actually pretty good :D

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