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Help! Which speaker cab to choose.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by denhamlee1, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. I have an acoustic image coda. Great amp for my acoustic bass. Sounds awesome. See specs at http://www.acousticimg.com/products/prod_coda_specs.html. However, I also play an electric Schecter Stiletto Elite-5. It sounds great through the coda but I am needing a bit more volume, etc. Wondering what kind of speaker cab would work with the coda so as to boost the Schecter a bit. I am unfamiliar with the land of the electric bass so any help would be awesome. Dennis
  2. From reading the specs, it looks like the internal combo cab is 4ohms. They suggest another 4ohm cab to result in a total power output of 500 watts (at 2ohms).

    Since you have that downfiring woofer, you won't be able to stack that combo on top of another cab (at least I don't think that would make sense).

    It seems like your best bet might just be to go with the AI extension cab. It's the right impedance, and there is something to say for matching the same cabs, which will result in more low end, more volume, but the same tone that you like from the combo.

    That would be my plan. It's hard to find small cabs in 4ohm version (so that each cab... your combo speaker and the external cab get an equal share of the power). If you want a more modern, aggressive sort of tone for your EB (i.e., a little bit more sizzle and mid punch), you might try the new Schroeder 115L+. It is lightweight (30 pounds), small footprint, comes in 4ohm version with a nice spray on covering, and is voiced punchy and bright and modern (which may or may not be a good thing, depending on the EB tone you are looking for).

    I believe the EA Wizzy12's are also 4ohm, and small and light, and a little more 'old school' voiced (no tweeter... more warm and organic sounding).

    Finally, Acme makes a 4ohm 110 that will add some low end oomph and pretty closely match that mellow, three way sort of tone that combo has.

    That all being said, I'd get the AI extension. It will be quite a bit louder and fuller than the solo combo, and will keep the inherent tone of that rig intact.

  3. thanks a bunch for your help. dennis
  4. No problem!

    You might get more responses if you retitle your thread:

    Recommendations for a small 4ohm extension cab for an AI Combo.

  5. Done. Thanks again

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