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Help Wiring Bart Pickup to 9v NTMB

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by DennyOnBass, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. Just received a circa '93 Bartolini pickup/pre off of Ebay and couldn't find anything on the Bart website that looked to be exactly what I have. I'm hoping somebody can give me some guidance here...

    Wires off the pickup:

    green, white, blue, black, orange, red. plus a thicker black wire

    Open wires on the preamp:

    Larger module - green, black, white

    There's also a three way switch for coil tapping. There are six lugs, with the yellow off of the large module going to the first lug and a green wire crossing from the third to the fourth.

    There's also a wire with no shielding that starts on the output jack and runns across each tone pot and then ends on the first lug of the volume pot. I'm mentioning this because I didn't see it in any of the Bartolini diagrams. Obviously there is also no blend pot because ti's a single pickup.

    Anybody want to take a crack at this?
  2. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    Not familiar with this unit but I've wired a bunch of preamps and you can't blow anything up wiring it wrong. Just keep the volume down when you try it out to save your amp. I'd give Bart a call to be sure but you can also just use the Bart diagrams and make an educated guess till you get it right.

    For the preamp the green is likely preamp hot, black ground, and white to pup.

    For the pup, you can use a meter to determine which wires go to which coil. I'm guessing the thick wire may simply be a jacket with more wires in it, or less likely, ground.

    Coil taps to my knowledge will be in 3's. Being an older pup it may be a coil tap but they're uncommon today. I see a lot guys refer to splitting coils as a coil tap, which it's not. A coil tap is an additional lead placed between the start and finish leads of a single coil thus utilizing only a portion of the coil to provide a different tone.

    I'd give the setup my best shot before calling Bart cuase it will likely raise questions you will want answered with a single call.

    It would probably be a lot easier to wire and test the setup outside the bass since you'll probably be soldering and desoldering. Make a control plate out of cardboard and stick the pots/switchs through it and screw them down. Just plug into the amp and tap on the pup with a small allen wrench (whatever). If you get response then at least you know you'll get sound installed in the bass. I would tap wherever you get a magnetic draw on the allen wrench to determine all coils are working. Pointless to stick it in the bass till you get at least that much.

    Good luck
  3. Think I figured it out. A friend has the Bart 2-band in his bass and brought it over for comparison. Unlike the diagrams on the Bart website, the colored wires actually matched up. :)

    White goes to the trim pot, green goes to the third lug on the volume, black to the input jack.

    Found this in a previous thread for P/humbucker/reverse P wiring:

    P switch (DPTT on-off-on):

    1 2 3
    6 5 4

    1 wh/shield ground
    2 blue
    3-6 green/orange
    5 red
    4 black hot

    Explains the green wire between 3 and 6 on my unit.

    I know there has to be a bazillion different ways to wire the pickup up...anybody have some alternative ideas? I'm not tackling this job until the weekend when I have the time and ambition to experiment.