Help with an SWR 4x10 cab problem

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  1. Was testing out my new ESP 8 string running through my old trusty SWR Rig that I've had for 17 years (SM400s and Goliath III 4x10).

    The second go round the cab just shut off after about 15 minutes.

    The amp is fine and plays through another cabinet, another amp will not play through the SWR cab.

    Gave each speaker the 9v test and they all passed.

    When I did the 9volt test on the speaker cable, only the top two speakers moved.

    There is a fuse on the inside back of the cabinet and that looked fine. Didn't see any loose wires.

    Any ideas would be awesome.


  2. It's junk send it to me.
  3. will33


    May 22, 2006
    If each speaker checked good by itself, but 2 failed when you tested at the end of the cable, the problem is in the internal cab wiring. Either bad connections, or a goof up in the series/parallel wiring scheme.....check that again.
  4. Doesn't make sense. If a battery will move them, so will an amp.
    The speakers are wired in a series/ parallel config, so it is possible to disconnect two speakers with a wiring failure, which is where I'm putting my money.
    The fuse is for the tweeter.
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    I agree the behavior is contradictory. However, it likely is an intermittent lose connection between the pairs. I had this happen with a Goliath II. Take off the grill and pull one of the unresponsive drivers. Follow the wires very very gently. You will find the problem.

    Reconnect and solder.
  6. Well, took all the speakers out. There are virtually no soldering connections at all, everything uses a non-soldering "secure" connection. Couldn't find anything wrong.

    Put it back together and everything seems to be working fine, so I guess one of those "secure" connections needed some attention.

    Thanks for the help.
  7. will33


    May 22, 2006
    Ya, sometimes they work themselves loose. You can gently pinch them back together again with a pliers so it takes a little effort to push back on the terminals again and stay there.