Help with choosing a volume pedal?

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  1. Hello all,

    I need some help sorting out what kind of volume pedal would work best for me. I think an active pedal would be better, I'm not running a buffer currently. I want the volume last on my board to control the overall volume to the amp(no master volume on the amp). I don't really use volume swells. Overall pedal size doesn't really matter, I've got lots of room.

    My current lineup is:
    Passive bass-> Korg pitchblack Tuner-> Mooer Octaver-> Mr Black OD-> Idiotbox Ron Swanson fuzz-> T-rex Chorus-> amp

    I've been looking at the small import(brands such as Donner) wah/volume combinations, some nicer volumes like the Morley mini or an older full size active volume, and a couple simple passive volumes that are just a volume pot in a box. No idea what I really need.

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    Oct 14, 2016
    The new Dunlop mini is fantastic and worked well when I had one. I got rid of it only to buy 2 mooer mini volume as I needed 2 for my bi amp set up and wanted even smaller footprint. I felt the mooer pedal was difficult to sweep/swell and wasn't really smooth. I'm assumiing which is a big word that the smaller cheaper volume pedals may be the same. I've also read descent reviews on the DOD mini but heard there is some plastic parts on it so may not hold out in time. Hope this info helps but if you want mini go with Dunlop.. Also worth mentioning the Dunlop doubles as an expression but only use one or the other. Cheers
  3. I wound up ordering a mini volume with a single pot. Its passive, but seems to work ok for what I want. I'll try it out with the band this Sunday.

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  4. Used it at practice today, did the job well. It was a quieter practice due to having people out, and a quick turn of the volume fixed it. No screwing around trying to balance the two channels at the very bottom of the sensitivity range of the amp knobs. Definitely worth $29 to me.
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    Oct 14, 2016
    Which one did you buy?
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  6. It's a Saturn Works volume off Ebay.
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