Help with comparing/contrasting carved and hybrid bass options (KC Strings vs Calin Wultur?)

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  1. CombustionToad


    May 9, 2019
    Hi there,

    I'm getting around to looking thoroughly for a new bass as an upgrade to my current ply, looking to stay around $3k or under. I perform mostly orchestral music and occasionally play jazz/bluegrass, but the bowed sound is my priority. Looking to go play these in the next few weeks, but I would like any input on the companies/reputations of these basses. Here are my top two options currently, but I am also open to other suggestions:

    1. Calin Wultur Carcassi fully carved from 2005 listed locally for $3k
    - Made in Romania
    - Some of the newer models that are for sale around the internet get great reviews, but haven't heard much about the earlier ones except for on this super old thread, which sparked an interest in me to keep it on my list!
    - Has a small crack on the back of the body below the neck according to the seller, but claims it does not affect structural integrity

    2. KC Strings Fully Carved from 2006 listed locally, around $3k
    - Not as much info on this bass, but I haven't found much information at ALL about early 2000s KC Strings basses... what am I missing? The model information that is on the ad does not appear in any search results, and there is no specific model name other than "KC Series 2006 B3C" listed on the inside of the bass.
    - I did find this bass on Quantum Bass Center, which looks almost identical to the photos that are listed on this ad, and was made in the same year. Is it possible these are the same model of bass? If so, is Quantum's price high or is this local ad too cheap to be true?
    - No cracks, just normal wear and tear...

    Also looking around at Shen hybrids/carved basses, as well as used Wan Bernadel basses but these two basses are within my price range and are convenient enough for me to play them. I would appreciate any words of advice or further information on these two basses, and which one would be the better deal if they both compare well with their sound?

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  2. Go play both of them. And play as many basses as you can within your budget range and out too just so you can see if any of the basses in your budget match up to it. Quality wise both of those basses would be good solid choices, along with a Shen and a Wan Bernadel. Something I've been doing in my current bass search right now is recording myself playing a bass I'm trying out as another way to evaluate if I like it. In the end brands don't matter, except if it's a bass shaped object. As long as the bass sounds and feels good to you, it's in good health, and most importantly you like it, then you've probably found what you need.
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    Jun 29, 2005
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    "which one would be the better deal if they both compare well with their sound?"

    Given that they compare well with their sound AND their feel, the KC Strings bass wins simply because it's not cracked (yet). The seller says the crack is not a structural issue. This may or may not be true. If I were buying the bass, I would count on having the crack fixed for my own peace of mind. More $$.

    You will likely not go wrong with a KC Strings bass. (Disclaimer: I have three of them.) They are not all great instruments - some are, some aren't - but they are well built, well set up, and will retain their value if maintained properly.

    Aside from the way the bass feels in your hands, there is sound. It's really hard to compare basses played in different rooms. It's a good idea to bring a bassist buddy with you so you can hear the bass from a distance. Another option is to find a corner and play into it.
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  4. Cheez


    Apr 13, 2009
    I have a CW Carcassi carved flatback. Nice, playable bass. It's pretty big bodied and the neck is quite fat.
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  5. Matt Power

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    Jul 2, 2000
    Magnolia, TX
    Hey man,
    I live in Bryan/College Station, and I was just at Quantum Bass Center yesterday! i played a TON of basses there. THIS was the surprise bass in the shop....REALLY a great jazz bass!!!!
    1967 Roth Hybrid Double Bass

    3k, but they are very flexible with price. NOT kidding. This is a fantastic pizz bass.

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  6. CombustionToad


    May 9, 2019
    Thanks so much! I'm really looking for something that plays fantastic when it is bowed but I bet that plays nicely either way. I'll give it a look.