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  1. So my board is pretty simple wireless unit>tuner>Darkglass Alpha Omicron>Sansamp Bass Driver DI

    However out of curiosity I ordered a Darkglass X7 to try out in place of the Sansamp because I like the idea of being able to keep the low end clean by compression and adjust the distortion on the high end and adjusting them separate. I also love the distortion of the Darkglass AO and would like to keep it as it and Sansamp are an always on pedal for me.

    I'm curious if feeding a distortion pedal into the X7 will be counter intuitive of the purpose of the X7 since the low end will already be distorted before it hits the X7. I haven't tried it yet but am curious on how others use theirs in conjunction with other DG or distortion pedals. I thought about a blend pedal to blend the AO with the X7 outputs but that seems defeating the purpose as well. Or maybe blending a clean signal with the output of the X7.
  2. I have to admit I have never tried it but I have some great results with this order:

    Dqrkglass Hyper Luminal -> Darkglass X7 -> Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra.

    The X7 running into the AO:U (EQ only - no drive activated) sounds huge and kicking on the AO drive with drive on 11o'clock and Blend on 1o'clock is high gain city.

    I would keep the X7 before the AOm myself.
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    I would second this. I really prefer the X7 before other drive pedals. I'm using it for fairly low gain - I play a jazz bass and have X7 set to give it some Geddy-like punch/clank. I've got the HPF set pretty high so the breakup is just on the very top end of my signal, but I keep the low comp around 9 & boost the mids. It takes my bass from being warm/clean on it's own to punchy/gritty when I have the X7 on. It adds some nice clarity/bite to things as well.

    Anyway, later in my chain is an MBD-1 set with the gain high for pretty heavy distortion. That sounds great by itself, but engaging the X7 before my distortion makes it another animal altogether. For my use, the X7 brings a super focused, cutting fundamental to my distortion. It's really hard to describe, but it's like it strengthens the 'core' of your sound.
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    Just throwing this out there, the blend pedal idea sounds really interesting (since discussion about stacking the ODs, which is a good time waiting to happen, is well covered). You could get creative with tone control on both pedals, giving your lows one kind of push and your mids or highs a completely different kind, etc etc.
  5. Looks like I'll be sending the X7 back. The low level control gives a really farty almost octave effect. I see the FAQ on Darkglass's website about this issue with the earlier ones. From what I've played with it though it'll most likely be replacing the AOm on my board. I may pick up a X-blender just to play around with.