help with eden amp please is it a wt-800a ? Calling Eden experts!

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  1. I bought this amp new in 2005 and its served me well.
    It appears to be a in between model from A and B

    The true A models I have found all have banana plugs and no speakon.
    As you can see this on has speak on.

    I am also wanting to know if there is any chance the bridged mono out could actually be 4 ohm as all true B models are.

    Lastly I would like to know what the best way to run multiple cabs from this head is?
    Would I need to get 4 ohm cabs and run them on each side of the amp, or what.

    Here is the pic.

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    Usually if an amp is rated for 4Ω per channe,l as yours seems to be, it can handle 8Ω only in bridge. In order to drive a 4Ω load in bridge both amplifiers would need to be able to handle a 2Ω load.
  3. tbz


    Jun 28, 2013
    1) Speakons - Usually indicates a 800B or C, that being said I have a 800A, REV E with Speakons - Undecided, would indicate a late model A or a B or C
    2) 400 Watt output listed - This would be A only, Bs and Cs are 440 - Definitely an A
    3) 4 ohm min per side/8 ohm min on the bridged input - Bs and Cs run down to 4 bridged, 2 per side - Again, Definitely an A
    4) Date stamp of 2-28-05 - Undecided, per this thread on the Eden forum anything after 5/2005 was a B, this is 2/05: - Result - Could be an A or B.

    Survey says - Late late late model A. Don't run it below 8 bridged; runs at 400 per side at 4; enjoy not having banana clips (cause they kinda suck these days.)

    That all being said, per the thread above, contact Eden, see if they can verify either way. On the thread above the OP had a 800 from 6/05 that was mis-labeled with 8 ohm bridge, etc, like a non-B, but it was, in fact a B.
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    Jun 28, 2013
    On the topic of the best way to run cabs you have a ton of options really.

    2x8ohms per side for a total of 4 cabs (at ~200 watts per cab)
    1x8ohms per side for a total of 2 cabs (at ~275 watts per cab iirc)
    1x8ohm cab, on one side at ~275 watts
    1x4ohm per side for a total of 2 cabs (at ~400 watts per cab)
    1x4ohm cab on one side at ~400 watts
    1x8ohm cab, bridged at 800 watts. From what I've been told (think its in the manual) you can safely bridge this to a single 8 ohm rated Eden 410XLT despite the power mismatch (that XLT is rated at 700 watts.) You can easily run this into an 8 ohm rated Eden 410XST at 8 ohms bridged, as those are rated at 1000 watts.

    Lots of options, you can also bi-amp with it, if you want, using the cab setups above.
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  5. the thread on the eden forum you posted seems to indicate that there may be mismatch in the chassis of amps built in this time period and that stickers to replace mis information were available. of course this was 9 years ago. I have been running the 410xlt bridged mono 8 ohm for all those years and never had an issue. I just want to add a cab to the rig and if I could bridge to 4 ohms it would be easier. other wise I would have to get 2 4 ohm cabs instead.
  6. tbz


    Jun 28, 2013
    Eden customer service is pretty good; I bought a 410XLT last year and needed it dated. Emailed them and got an answer in about a day or two (note to all they put date stamps on their speakers.)

    I'd ping them with the SN, they'll be able to confirm, again though all evidence in this thread, and in the one you started on the same subject here a few years back, points to this just being a late model A.
  7. tbz thanks ill do that. so glad you took the time from your busy day to remind me about a post from a few years ago. Dang i had forgotten.
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    Jul 14, 2006
    Here's my take, similar to TBZ's, given your photo showing date on back panel, left amp power rating out, and bridged output impedance:
    • WT-800A revision D: speakon connections, 8-ohm bridged impedance, [email protected] left channel power output/impedance
    • Further evidence of WT-800A revision D, beyond the scope of your photo, would be round vent holes on top and sides of chassis case
    Your amp was made near the date of transition to model WT-800B, which has speakon connections, 880-watt [email protected] bridged impedance, 440-watt 4-ohm left & right channel power output, and oval vent holes on top and sides of case supporting its updated/larger power supply. The oval vent holes provide better cooling.

    Hope this helps!
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