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Help with finding a decent, hard-working Band?

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Guitarguy871, May 26, 2011.

  1. Guitarguy871


    May 26, 2011
    Okay so here is the deal. I am with three different bands right now but I really need to find one to stick with. My first was definitely my favorite, the drummer and bassist were really good, but they have showed a lack of dedication lately, the singer really isn't that good, and the bassist should probably be in rehab right now to fix a serious drug problem, but has managed to stay out.

    My second band has a lot of drive to be honest, but the problem is that they really aren't the best of musicians. I don't wanna sound like an ass or anything, but I need better musicians than them. They also want to write originals when we only have a few covers which is really annoying. I'm all for originals but not when we don't have a lot of covers to captivate an audience's attention. On top of all that once again they aren't that great at their instruments.

    My third band is with a group from a program I am in. They are really good at what they do and also show a lot of drive too. The problem with this one is that this is just for a limited amount of time. After a twelve weeks of practice and a few gigs the band will be disbanded. Keeping it together on our own would be difficult because of the travel arrangements (I live about 45 minutes from them) and also the fact that everyone in it also has their own little bands too. This is so disappointing because they are really talented and at my skill level if not better.

    So my question now is how can I find a band, that has enough drive to keep at it, (with my third band its not really the travel arrangements that make it impossible to keep but rather their other bands are really busy) and are also around my skill level. Summer break is about here so school fliers wouldn't work that well. Plus, with the music everybody in my school listens to (rap and hip hop) they would think it's a joke. Not to mention almost nobody there can even play an instrument. They think there horrible rapping is just awesome anyway. :D

    I'm seventeen right now and really want to be a professional musician when I get older. I can't sit around on my first band to gain the drive to play and my second to get better at playing. I want something now. I'm going to go crazy if I can't find a band to play with this summer.

    So how can I go about doing this? I know it will be hard to help me not knowing my situation and everything but any input could help out a lot.

    Thanks if anyone actually takes the time to read this and try and help me out. :bassist:

    P.S. I really like playing classic stuff like Maiden, Van Halen, Metallica and stuff like that. I'm not real into the screamy stuff either. There are a few songs of today that I would be fine with playing too though.

    Once again thanks. Sorry I have written so much! Congratulations if you made it this far!:D
  2. You're searching for the Holy Grail. Who is good at their instruments in Band 2? If there are good members in band 2, and dedicated members in Band 1, I'd invite them to start a new band and then try and find good musicians to fill it in.

    Or, if Band 2 is so dedicated, have them take lessons. If they can't afford it, make an extra day for you and whoever needs improvement to sit down and discuss technique and theory and things like that. Have them ramp up their practice hours at home. I've been playing a year and a half and I can keep up with my band that's been playing for five years. Out of 11 bands playing at our school one night, I've constantly been told I'm the best bassist. I don't believe that I'm the best, or even particularly good, but with a year and half of regular practice times, I've been able to keep up with anything we've wanted to play, as well as meet some personal goals. If the chemistry is working with this band, and they're dedicated, extra practice time should be no problem for them!

    I heard one of the guitarists for some big metal band was terrible when he joined the group. I actually think it was Kirk Hammet. But look at that success story.

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