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  1. So Im looking for a new guitar amp and I think Ive narrowed it down to three choices.
    First of all I play (or try too anyway) a wide variety of music... classic rock, blues, some jazz, country, some metal here and there so Im looking for something really flexible in the 60 watt range that wont cost me an arm and a leg. I have a Fender Texas fat Strat (texas special single coils and a Pearly Gates Humbucker) and a Les Paul clone that I will be putting S.D. Hot Rodded humbuckers in shortly.
    Heres what Im looking at:


    A used (great condition) Marshall JCM2000 TSL60 - 3 channel all tube 60 watt head with a nice 2x12 cab for $750 from a friend.

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    Sep 29, 2012
    The Marshall in my opinion , cant go wrong with a JCM2000 either, good price. I am not a big fan of programable guitar amps with canned effects, they ALWAYS come out sounding digital slop in my experience (Line 6 Spyder SS is the worst offender in my opinion). I know the blackstar tube stuff is nice , but for the money you get more with the Marshall
  3. Fender.

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    Nov 26, 2010
    I agree with lowsound. Fender makes some awesome amps, both tube and SS for pretty low prices on the used market. My main guitar amp is a SS Fender Pro-185 from the 80's. Super heavy and loud amp, but the clean tone is a dream and it takes pedals like a champ.

    But Marshall amps are also very good. I have never owned one, but I have jammed with lots of guitarists that do and they seem to make it work.

    Also check out Crate tube amps. Very versatile and great prices on the tube versions. A buddy owns a v8 and he abolutely loves it. Uses it for everything from pop to jazz to dirty, nasty, garage-punk.
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    Sep 7, 2000
    There was once a series of articles on Harmony Central about dealing with G.A.S.

    The writer recommended a good sounding clean amp (a Peavey Bandit was his choice because it's cheap and rock solid) and then do the rest with a couple pedals.

    One of my favorite guitar amp rigs is a Tech21 PSA 1.1 preamp into a MarkBass LittleMark III powering an Avatar G212 Vintage (loaded with a Celestion Vintage 30 clone and an old G12M70). That preamp will do just about any guitar amp tone.
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    Dec 2, 2003
    I would suggest a reissue Super Reverb.

    No one amp can do all those styles optimally, but metal with a Super (and pedals) sounds way better than country and jazz on a recent Marshall.
  7. thanks all, plenty to think about...
  8. Vox AC15.
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    I have a Peavey Bandit, one made in Salt Lake City. I use a T-Rex Moeller pedal, which is an analogue amp sim. Have a chorus pedal and echo pedal in the effects loop and compressor, EQ, tuner and the T-Rex in front of the amp.

    The Bandit appears to be indestructable.

    I am happy with this set up, of course the distortion on a valve amp would be "nicer", the Bandit's distortion is a bit "brutal" but there are plenty of amp sim pedals about now if you want a different crunch or distortion....

    When I was thinking about guitar amps I found there are plenty of valve amps, which are expensive, fragile and require maintenance, plenty of digital modellers which sound all lifeless...

    What I felt I really needed, which would probably suit many guitarists, is a 2 x 12 transistor combo. It ticks all the boxes, loud enough for gigging, sounds cranked at low volume, not too heavy, fits in the back seat of a car, reliable and affordable. Seems like no-one has actually manufactured anything like this on a large scale since the 90's....... fantasy amp is a tranny amp with a good sounding analogue distortion built in and reverb spring.

    The closest thing I found is one of these

    Easy to forget that what you need, as a weekend warrior, is a workhorse amp, something reliable, loud enough and durable as the first criteria....
  10. I had one for a while, you can keep it.
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    Feb 25, 2006
    Kent UK
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    For a good amp that can cover all those different styles I would look at a Mesa (like a Transatlantic TA-30)...but you said in a price range that won't cost an arm and a leg. The Transatlantic is a bit pricy...but a killer amp.
  13. OK... so Im thinking of removing the Blackstars from the list and adding a Fender Hotrod Deville 212 :bassist:
  14. As a former guitar player i'll throw in that I really liked the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe with the 12" speaker. Loud as hell with a killer clean channel that takes well to pedals. Some E.H. tubes in the pre and Tung Sol's on the power side and you're good to go. Awesome amp!!
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    Jul 22, 2012
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    Blackstar rules
  16. The Deluxe is loud enough for smaller bars / clubs and maybe a outdoor gig?