Help with Jazz bass singles and their magnets.

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  1. jcsk8


    Feb 15, 2013
    Hello. I want to know if the alnico magnets used in regular stratocaster type single coils are the same used in jazz basses single coils.
    I have some alnico 3 magnets in different lengths that I never used on any strat pickup as planned, but I´m thinking in trying them in a bridge jazz bass pickup that I would like experiment with the sound.

    In width they seems to be the same, doesn´t no about the lenght yet.
    Also is viable to remove a magnet from a winded pickup and replace it without damage?

    It seems that with plastic coils, like the ones on the american standard series, have the wire around the plastic, while the vintage ones have the wire direct around the magnets, and they are what secure the top and the lower base in place. I think it´s not possible with those vintage types.

  2. Different pickups use different types of magnets. You can't generalize. Your Strat pickup magnets will work fine in a Jazz bass pickup, however, assuming that you wind it with the appropriate wire and winding pattern for the voicing that you are looking for.

    Removing magnets from a Strat pickup usually causes damage to the windings, because the wire is wrapped around the magnets, and then sort of cemented in place with wax.

    I don't understand why you are interested swapping magnets around. Can't you just buy some new magnets? They are not expensive.
  3. jcsk8


    Feb 15, 2013
    Thanks for the anwer. The magnets I have are spare and I bought them, I´ll not remove them for a strat pic. But in the other hand, as you said, I think I can´t remove the magnets from a JB pickup without damaging the wiring.