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help with learning to sing harmonies

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by Rycebag, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Rycebag


    Feb 22, 2008
    so im wondering if any of you can help me on how i should and what i should do to start learning how to sing harmonies.
  2. Stumbo

    Stumbo Wherever you go, there you are. Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 11, 2008
    the Cali Intergalctic Mind Space
    Song Surgeon slow downer software- full 4 hour demo
  3. derekd


    Feb 16, 2009
    I would also invest in a handful of voice lessons. That will really get you on the right track. Good luck
  4. Deacon_Blues


    Feb 11, 2007
    You go a long way by singing chord notes. Preferably higher up in the register than lower down, sounds clearer there. If you can't make the high notes you want, I recommend following derekd's advice. Singing lessons won't hurt anyway, but get a non-classical teacher if you aren't going to sing classical.
  5. afromoose

    afromoose Guest

    Listen to a beatles song, try and pick out the harmony line, and sing it. Try it with 'she loves you'
  6. ryco


    Apr 24, 2005
    Join a choir. If you're still in school see if your music dep't has a jazz or pop choir, or a concert choir or a glee club.

    if you are a church goer, see about joining a church or gospel choir.

    or maybe there's a community choir you can join.
  7. Here is my poor man who could never afford lessons answer. lol

    I've recently hit some breakthroughs with singing harmony, and I'm hoping it continues to go well. It's paramount to hear the note before you sing it. Just like improv on the bass, you want to know what sound your going to produce before you pluck the strings and what the intervals sound/look like.

    First off, get your voice in shape singing melody. Singing harmony is worthless if you're singing improperly. Once your voice is grounded well enough in that, what I've done is start trying to vocally "solo" over songs I already know well. Do this vocally and on the bass whenever you can. I hate to say that it takes years of practice to sing harmony unless you're God's gift to vocals, but if you're constantly trying to hear notes before you sing/play them, it really helps both of your instruments. Aural theory isn't a walk in the park by any means.

    Good ear training for the bass is to try and play nursery rhymes and other familiar tunes on your bass with no back track.

    I like to think it's all relative.

    Nothing beats lessons...

    P.S. Confession... singing with "Rent" and other well written plays had dramatically increased my harmony, breath support and range in a relatively short period of time. Sometimes it helps living an hour away from where your band practices! ha.

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