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  1. so i know this topic has been brought up multiple times, and i really dont care all that much, i was just a little curious and i'm working a summer job where i have more than enough free time to be able to investigate small curiosities like this.

    i've been playing bass for 6 years and i think about 3 years ago i bought a used Fender MIA Jazz Deluxe V. it's a great bass, plays, sounds great, and is absolutely gorgeous (transparent blueburst with white tortoise pickguard). i know it's an MIA Deluxe because it says "made in america" on the head (duh) and it has active pickups. the dealer didnt know if it was a new model that year (thus making it a 99) or not. i've found some links and read some related old threads on here when other people have asked similar questions about dating their fender bass.

    i went to and read the dating guide on that site. my serial number is N7 followed by six other digits (if you want the exact, i can give em, but i thought ppl wouldnt care). the dating guide on says that fender only used N7+6digits in '97 and '98, but the guide also indicates that the American Deluxe series in '98 and '99 was labeled DN+6digits. so does that defnitively make it a '97? was the American Deluxe series even offered in '96?

    thanks in advance,
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    Jul 25, 2001
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    damn. I clicked on this link cuz i thought it was about sumhow being able to hang out with your bass on an intimate level. Im fairly dissapointed that i cant date my bass, and cant help you, im sorry.
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    mrgearhead is the best site I know for dating. If that is ambiguous, I would see if there is a date on the neck or pocket, or possibly some dates on the pots.
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    I thought he was dating his bass as well. Look, if you wanna get to know your bass better, buy it some flowers and a box of chocolates.
  5. i found the date, right down to the day (which part of manufacture was on that day, i don't know) in the neck pocket....i think there was one on the neck as well (under the heel) but it was illegible.
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    I thought maybe you took your bass on a date with you and it had some problems. My girlfriend hates it when I play bass when she's over. That's the only problems I've had relating dating and my basses.