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help with my used svt 3

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by warwickben, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. i just picked up my ampeg svt 3 yestrday, i had to pay the last $158 on it. i got home and was playing and this happen once. and i didnt think any thing of it. i would turn the eq on or just slap really hard with the eq off the amp would shut off/kinda. its on but no sound is comming out.like how u turn the amp on and nothing happens for 30 secs. i dont have any thing set pass 12 o clock. today it keeps on doing it. if i dont have the eq on , and hit a note hard before it shuts off the eq light turns on for a sec. iam sorry if this is a mess but iam freaking out.

    also if i turn the gain down really low it doesnt happen. but then i cant play .
  2. Sell it and buy an SVT 2PRO.

    No, no, wait just kidden around. That does sound like a serious problem. I have had some weird stuff happen with my Ampeg amps. You may want to take it to a service shop and have it looked over. Dumb question but have you tried different cables and or speaker cabs? I had a cab that worked fine for a long time and then all the sudden it just started to fault the amp. I let it sit for a while saving up to fix it and when I had the money I figured I would try it just to make sure I knew what was wrong and now works just fine. I never fixed it.
  3. i dont knwo what its called but could it be clipping , liek the amo shuts off for a few secs and then turns back on. if i start playing right a way when i turn the amp on it will do the same thing shut off for asec then turn back on.
  4. Clipping could be caused by cables and speakers also. That is called power or line fault and could make the amp seem like it is clipping when it is really going into DC Fault. Like I said try it with some other gear or take it back to where you got it from if you can.
  5. what is happen is even when i dont have the eq on the eq light will turn on then shut the amp off then back on. if i start playing when it turns on it will shut off again. if i wait i can play but if iam playing really fast it will shut off. allmost like its useing all the jucie
  6. i was just playing my bass. i turned the volume down to around 9 o'clock after playing for 5 to 10 mins the eq light will start to flicker on and off. even if i have the eq channle on or off. when i hit a really hard note the amp shuts off and then turns back on . if i keep playing it doesnt turn on, and if i start playing right after it turns on it turns off again. sorry if iam freakken out but i waited a whole moth after paying for most of it and it messes up the frist day i get to really play it.

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