Help with notes. very confused?!

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    Jun 3, 2001
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    I am very confused on what bassists mean when they say "eighth note" and "quarter note" ect.

    im a 3 month newbie, so sorry if i sound stupid :D

    could you please just give me a list and small descriptions of what all the "notes" mean.

    thanx guys ( and u beautiful gals :p)

    Jase :cool:
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    Apr 11, 2000
    Well, I'll have ago...

    Eighth notes, quarter notes, and so on are all to indicate how long a note should last. Music is split up into different "bars", which are measures of time. In 4/4 time, probably the most common time "signature" in rock and popular music, every bar has four beats.

    Using 4/4 time, this is a list of some of the different notes:

    • Whole note - this is a note that lasts for the entire bar.
    • Half note - There are two half notes in a bar, normally. Imagine it like one and TWO and three and FOUR.
    • Quarter note - Four notes in each bar, or one on every beat. (ONE and TWO and THREE and FOUR)
    • Eighth notes - Eight in a bar, or two for every beat.
    • Sixteenth notes - Four notes for each beat.

    And it goes on for 32nd notes, 64th notes, etc.

    This might not be a very good explanation (in fact, I'm sure it isn't), but hopefully it might be of some use to you.
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    Jun 3, 2001
    England, Grimsby
    no actually, it was a pretty damn good explanation :D.

    well it helped me out a bunch and i think i fully understand.

    thanx alot dude

    jase :cool:
  4. Great post, informative, yet compact! woohoo! :D