Help with replacing a Pod HD 500.

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  1. So as some of you might know I've got a giant multi effects on my board that takes up almost half of it but I only use it to boost my B7K's volume (since it's in the effects loop and that) and for chorus/reverb, tap temop delay and DI.

    EDITED: I just need something that boosts my siginal after the B7K.
    Because the pod pumped up the volume so much it made my PA amp into a 410 sound killer and being in a metal band I need the volume :)

    I ran the pod at line level which gave me the volume.

    Pedal preferred but rack gear is cool, just keep it under $200 aus.
  2. Bump because I finished work.
  3. Depending on how many effects you are using at a time I'd get a clean boost and a line 6 stomp box modeler. I use the m5. Has basically all the effects as the pod hd but i can only use one at a time. Which realy isn't a big deal because i have two other pedals on my board. But if you want more effects at time you can also spend more for a m9 or m13. I will say this, i did notice a good amount of improvement in tone suck going from the pod hd to the m5.
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    If you only need a about a boost?
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    How about running it into a mic preamp/channel strip or getting a power amp who's input matches the output of you B7K better.
  6. So ended getting a Ebtech Line Level Shifter, which makes it about 3 times louder, it'll be here in a day or two.