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Help with Status

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by VtypeV4, May 20, 2004.

  1. Can anyone tell me what model and roughly how old it may be...

    It is a 6 string model, fretted, a maple neck an rosewood board. The neck is bolted to the body with 6 chunky screws, the body itself is dark and despite the flamed maple top tries to give the impression its a thro neck.There is a very thin line of red binding on the maple top. Its active and has a "Board 1" in it having bass n Treble, master volume, pick-up pan and a bright switch. It has two large pick-ups. Id post a pic but have no camera at the mo.... Cheers Matt
  2. Sounds like an Eearly Empathy Model...

    If you get the sieral number (usually found on the back of the headstocks with statu's then give Rob Green a call or email he will be able to tell u straight away..!!!!....

  3. I tried that but someone has put a plectrum holder there. When it was peeled back, the serial number had possibly worn off. or are they just 4 numbers?
  4. The Status Serial Numbers are usually 6 numbers but if its an Empathy model then the 4 numbers will be correct as these were a special edition model for a time..!!!

    Just give status a email or call describe the bass and they should be able to tell u exactly what it is...

    Board 1 electronics were used ona lot of basses

    therefore it could even be an Seires I or II....they are all pretty much the same except for body woods etc etc...

    It wasnt untill the mid 90's when status brought out the Classic 1 and 11 that proper levels were introduced..
  5. Thanks for your help, il give them a ring tomorrow, magic, it might be special! Cheers...
  6. mcdonap


    Sep 25, 2001

    Need a little more info - are the horns rounded, or kind of pointy?
    It wouldn't be an Empathy or Series II because they've always had graphite necks.
    I'm thinking it's an Energy Artist. (I can't remember if any of the Series 1's were bolt-on's or if they were all through-necks, but it may be one of those.)

  7. Its the Classic Status shape, its more pointy than a fender type bass but not ibanez pointy if you catch my drift...
  8. mcdonap


    Sep 25, 2001
    Well, if it's the classic Status shape - with the little points on the ends of the horns - then it's not an energy. Sounds like it's a Series 1. Have you been able to get in touch with Status? They'd be able to tell you the year. I'm thinking early - mid 1990's?

    Most importantly, how do you like it?!?
  9. Sorry VtypeV4 i standard correct...I was meant to say Energy but it came out at Empathy..cause I was looking at one today..!!!...I knew what i meant just the wrong word hehe.!!!!

    Tho it is starting to sound a lot like a Series I

    here is a pictures of a Series I how does it compare to this


    I dont think it is a Energy because the neck is a Set-Neck here's a pcitures


    Hope These help..!!!.

    Ive always likes Series one and if u plan to keep it then I would advise getting newer electronics put in.!!!...then you've got a bonified HOT bass.!!!
  10. Sooy for being on, ive not been here but i return unharmed but slightly deafer!

    It does look just like a series one, obviously mines a six. Cool, its posher than i thought it was! As for the sounds and playing, its plays absolutley great, nice low action, very cool indeed. It has a few marks in it but it does look like its done a few miles. The sound is pretty cool too, not as cool the Warwick but its a good tone, nice and solid, my only moan is the EQ is clumsy, the filters seem very wide which can make them sound a bit harsh but Im happy, very happy indeed.