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  1. I have a warmoth project Im puttin together. Its a deluxe five neck, tuners are five in a row. I have two roller string tree's. (pic posted)
    The tree's each hold down 2 strings.

    Which strings need the roller?
    Will it hurt to have one for the D and G, and one on the E and A?

    How do I know where to place them?

    Any other help regarding this would be welcome, thanks in advance.
  2. Forgot pic

  3. Groover, your string trees should be used on the 4 upper pitched strings because the distance the tuners are from the nut creates a very shallow break angle across the nut. This shallow angle often doesn't create enough downforce across the nut to keep from rattling and the string trees help with that.
  4. i would think you should put them just short of the B tuner. since they're rollers, you really don't have to worry about binding due to too much pressure on them (which would result from them being too close to the nut), as long as the pressure isn't enough to pull the screw out of the headstock.

    also, if the angle to the B is steep enough for the B string, this angle should be steep enough for the rest of the strings......

    i'm assuming warmoth already drilled the tuner holes?
  5. Im actually trying now to get the one fender uses. It holds the A, D, G, strings in place through a three holed metal slotted piece.

    If that doesn't work, you guys are saying to use both of them right?

    Put the first tree right behind the B string's tuning post (or hole as it is now) and the second one like the one on my fender four string (for the D and G its set up slightly in front of the second tuning post)? Thanks for the replies.
  6. I put one on the E and A, one on the D and G on my Warmoth P.
    I angled the base of the E and A post with a knife so it stands straight on the incline up to the nut.

    I had trouble with the plastic posts bending, so I drilled an extra mounting hole under the pin for an extra fixing screw to take the strain.

    2 and a half years on, no problems with tuning or buzzes, so it seems to work.

  7. Mock Turtle, could you describe in greater detail or post a detailed pick on what you mean about carving the E and A string posts for angle and drilling the retainer for an extra screw?
  8. you can see in the pic there is an additional hole in each string tree. the extra screw head is hidden under the roller pin.

    you may not need the extra fixing screw, but the way I did it was remove the roller pin (it slides out with a bit of force), then use a narrow drill bit to make a hole for the screw shaft.
    then a larger drill bit to accomodate the screw head so it can lie beneath the roller pin when it is put back in place.

    the extra fixing screw also means the string tree will not rotate eg. when tuning up, changing strings etc.

    re. angling the base of the E/A tree- it's simply using a knife to put a curve into the base to match the curve of the headstock as it rises up to the nut, so the tree stands vertical (ie. parallel to the D/G tree)
    again, not essential, but I thought it looked better.
  9. Thanks for the reply's.

    Does anyone know if I could use a floyd rose Straight bar string retainer on my bass?

    The nut width is 1 7/8" and the bar is also 1 7/8". Will this bar work with the five in line tuners?

    Also, does anyone know where I could find one of these (pic on bottom). These are the Fender or hipshot three string retainers, and this would solve my string tree problems pretty easily.
  10. forgot pic

  11. yeah, thats where I got the pic, but with shipping that little piece comes to 20.50. I was just wondering if anyone else knew where I could get one, Im gonna e-mail fender to see if they sell the ones they use on their five stringers.
  12. kurosawa

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    Jan 27, 2001
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    Thanks, didn't know that product existed. Very cool.
  13. JPFerreira


    Mar 22, 2002
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    I've used those roller string trees on a deluxe fiver I assembled some years ago.


    Peace, JP
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    Oct 20, 2001
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    Hey Groovecenter
    I've seen several basses using the Floyd Bar string retainers. They work great and are inexpensive, but man, that Hipshot gizmo sure looks good.
  15. kurosawa

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    Jan 27, 2001
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    New bass coming and 4 nut blanks (I cut a new nut for every different string set I use). I think I'll try going without a string tree altogether if the tuning peg shaft holes are drilled in the right places so there's no force trying to pull the G string off the side of the neck.
  16. TyKao


    Jun 29, 2003
    How do you determine where to put a retainer in relation to the nut? Is there some kind of equation you use or do you just put it where the string angle looks steep?

    Also, on a 4 string, what are the benefits of putting a retainer on the low E string the way Mock Turtle Regulator has it? Does it affect your low end if you do that?

    Finally, where's a good place to get a bar retainer (and other pieces of bass hardware)? Are these bar retainers the same kind that they sell for guitars?
  17. kurosawa

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    Jan 27, 2001
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    I finally did use one of those 3-string retainers. I did manage to cut the nut buzz-free for LaBella M45 but then I switched to TI JR344 and decided to use the retainer. Basically what I did was put it where it "wanted" to go (I don't know how to explain what I mean by that). With the tuner holes drilled where they were, the G is a straight pull and they start angling out from there, so when I put the retainer on, I placed it to keep the angle (as seen from the front) of the run the same. And I put it right about where you see it in the Hipshot pic.
  18. RyanHelms


    Sep 20, 2003
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    Here's a pic of the string bar on my Yamaha. It's about 1" behind the nut, or right where the slope down from the nut levels out. HTH

    As far as where to find'em, I checked Stewart-MacDonald and WD Music Products. Only found trees and rollers. Neither one has string bars!?:confused: IMO, string trees, rollers, or that hip Hipshot gizmo all look better than a bar...although a string bar gives you the same break angle on all strings. Anyone know if that matters?


    edit: Oh yeah, hope your project goes smooth!

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    Jan 27, 2001
    York County, Virginia