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    I don't know if this is against the forum rules, I read them and couldn't find anything so here I go....

    Here's the deal. I'm looking at a specific bass that I've been eyeballing for years. I found one. I'm short on the cash so I considered selling one of my electric guitars to afford it.

    I'm not the best elec. (lead) guitar player, I manage, but I figured it was just not for me and I'd rather get better at my real passion, which is bass, instead. And no, not because it was "easier" but because I just didn't like it. I appreciate and enjoy bass a WHOLE lot better (that's why I am here haha). I'm a better acoustic guitar player and I never really "bonded" with the guitar either.

    The only problem is I hope I don't regret selling it. Though, I don't use it much, it's always good to have around just in case you want to record something. I figured once I sell it and get the bass, and if I really, REALLY still want an electric around I'll get a squire or a MIM sometime after.

    Have any of you been in this situation before?
    What was your outcome?

    Thanks and Happy New Year to all!!!
  2. I think most of us has sold one treasured instrument in order to fund other gear at one time or another. I sold one of my expensive cellos to find a new bass rig some years ago and really never looked back.

    I also had a lovely Epiphone Les Paul 56 Gold Top with a VOX VT amplifier, but as it generally sat unused, I sold it early last year to a pupil. At the end of the day, I'm a professional bass player, so I don't really need a guitar.

    Hope that helps!

    Happy New Year to you too :)
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    I have been in the mode of streamlining my instrument collection for the last few months, but no matter how hard I try I always run into some instrument that I have reservations about selling. I hem and haw about it, but usually let it go. After it is gone, I have some pangs of longing, but eventually get over it. And after a time, I don't miss it. The benefit of this is that it provides me with an excuse to buy something new! GAS is a fickle bedfellow. The reality is, I keep what I use and let the rest go and acquire some other things along the way that I think I will use. So my advice, sell what you don't use. You can always replace it.
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    I sold 5 basses to finace my Cortobass one being a T-40 that to this day still haunts me. I sold it to locale musician who after trying it did not even try to talk me down on the price she was a keeper hands down.