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  1. 0329181428a.jpg 0329181428.jpg 5098.jpeg I need a set of replacement pickups for my 2005 Schecter "Exotic" 4-string. It has "Duncan Designed" pickups. I need Barts or EMGs, but I don't know which ones to get. They're 4.5" inches long and just about 1" wide (maybe the size of most 5-string soapbars?). Thanks very much for any help; I'm very ignorant about pickups, but I know what I DON'T like.
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    AFAIK EMG or Bartolini do not make pickups in that size.
    They do make 4-1/2" long six-string sized pickups, but they are also 1-1/5" wide.

    I have found Duncan-Designed pickups to be very good!

    What is it you feel is lacking?
    Maybe just changing the potentiometer values will wake it up for you.
  3. Thanks very much for the info! I've found "designed" pickups (Duncan, ESP, etc.) are hit or miss depending on who paid for the license to use the brand name and design them. These aren't horrible or anything, but they seem awfully muddy; that is, no booming lows or clear, biting highs when you want them.

    I know even regular Duncans are generally smoother and more "passive sounding" than, say, EMGs (even the HZs), but I actually prefer those because you at least have the options -which I'm used to from playing mostly Stiletto Elites. I also have a couple of Trabens, and believe it or not, their stock pickups seem to have much more tonal range than these. Maybe I just got unlucky?
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    ESP-Designed pickups are just ok, but ESP are not in the business of making pickups.

    OTOH, Seymour Duncan is in the business of making pickups.

    It looks like the Exotic uses a 3-band preamp, so maybe that's the weak link.

    I played a Schecter today with Duncan-Designed pickups & it sounded just as good as the actual Seymour Duncan pickups you can buy.
  5. So maybe I did just get unlucky. (I think I read that the preamp is just Duncan, not "Designed"; do you know if that's correct?) Do you think I should start with changing the pots? If so, do you have any recommendations? I should've mentioned that the volume range is also much more limited on this bass than others. When I plug in another Schecter (or Traben, Yamaha, ESP, etc.), I get considerably more volume from 0 to 10 (or 5, for that matter) than I do with this one. It's a beautiful bass and a real pleasure to play, though, so I'm willing to do what it takes to get it in top condition. Well, within reason.
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    It depends on the wiring layout.
    If the pickup leads go straight to the preamp, then there's not much you can do besides changing the preamp.

    If the pickup leads got to volume or balance pot(s) then you can check the values they're using & maybe get something better.
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  7. Many thanks again. Getting way over my head, though; think I'll have to take it to someone who knows how to do that and what to look for.
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