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  1. I'm getting my first bass soon, but I don't know which style I should get! Should I get something like a P-bass or something in the J-bass style? What do you think is better for learning?
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    Neither is better for learning. At this stage most people would say that you should play whatever fits your budget and feels the best. The better it feels, the more youll play it, the better youll get. Of course, dont get something that feels great and sounds terrible... because then youll be less likely to play it often.
  3. How do they measure the width of the neck? I'm figuring out how wide the neck on a p-bass wouod be compared to my dad's guitar.
  4. You measure the nut

    The plastic peice before the first fret.
  5. I've looked around a lot, and I like the idea of a P-bass, but I like the neck of the J. Does SX at have anything like that ya think?
  6. Either will serve you well for learning but you need to know what feels most comfortable.

    Afficianados(sp?) will tell you that a P-Bass is better for this type of music or a J-Bass is better for that type of music and technically, those are true statements. As a relatively new bassist however, I happen to believe that my best interests were served by buying the intrument that felt best to me after playing a few. (FTR, I started on an MIM Jazz.)

    You need to visit a local guitar store and play some. Even if you can only play one note, play that one note on as many instruments as you have time for. Don't just sit down and play -- strap them on. See what feels most comfortable in your left hand, what feels most comfortable around your neck, what sound you prefer.

    From there, narrow them down by budget and then go for it. You will have plenty of time to learn your preferences and trade/upgrade to your heart's content. TB is a testament to the fact that your first bass will probably not be your last. ON the other hand, if you choose an instrument that you do not like, you will not play it.

    Keep asking questions and doing your research but at the end of the day, try some out and trust your gut. Remember: You're not buying a bass to impress us here at talkbass -- you're buying one for you!

    Good luck!
  7. The only thing I can think of is the P-bass deluxe by Fender.

    It costs more (a lot more) but IIRC, it's a P-bass with a jazz neck.