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  1. Cambass123


    Dec 22, 2005
    Hello everyone, I am a first year Double Bass performance Major at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. However as of latley I have found it very difficult to focus in my practice times. I have had a couple bad lessons and I am tired of it. I really want to snap out of this funk and make some progress.

    Do any of you have any hints?

  2. It happens, still does to me. If I'm finding it hard to focus on my practice I find it'd because my practice is becoming complacent. I'll look to change it somehow by increasing or slowing down tempos on an etude I'm doing, or find a new way of fingering a scale, or sometimes just find one challenging aspect (either a phrase in an etude or peice kicking my butt) and shed that for a while.

    Do you practice in an environment that's free of distraction? If not can you make it distraction free? Have you spoken with your teacher about this?

    Plus don't be too upset over a few bad lessons, just use the experience to figure out a little something about yourself and use this as an opportunity to grow.

    I hope this helps,
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