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  1. My band just recieved a government grant of $4,000 to record our first EP. we are going into a state of the art digital studio. I havn't really been i a good recording studio before. I was wondering if anyone has any advice about how I should record my bass to get the best sound. eg through a mic, direct input into the board etc etc......?
  2. Both of those, if possible.
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    Hey! I need to get in on one of those grant dealies. Did you learn that from that Lesko dude on TV?
  4. actaully I don't know what the situation is in america. I got my grant through a thing called RADF Reginal art's development fund. It help's artists in areas where they are disadvataged. eg my home town has only 32,000 people. You just send in an aplication , and if they think your good enough and you deserve it (Eg. excelling against the odd's) you get the grant.
  5. i'm sure they won't just have you run into the studio by yourselves and fool about, there will most likely be a recording engineer there.