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  1. Systemofadowner


    Feb 24, 2002
    This is an emergency. I'm ordering a set of pickups to put on my explorer today and i need help. Do I go Duncan? EMG? Bartalloni? I'm confused. What is the best pickup for a metal tone which is what i'm going for. What pickups will go best with my set?(Harte 7000,Avatar 4x10) It doesn't have to be one of those three i just want a great pickup that gives me a good metal tone.
  2. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    I'm a litte confused :confused::rolleyes:.

    Your post mentions "explorer", yet your profile says "ESP B-50".
    Is this the bass you're talkin' about?...


    Another option would be a DiMarzio DP126 set (model P and
    (humbucking) model J). These two are heavy on the mids (good
    for metal?). They're about $90USD at Musician's Friend. I think
    fellow TB'r PanterFan was looking to get a set for his bass :).
  3. The more I see of the DiMarzio, the better I like them. It would be great to compile a group of MP3 to hear 'em all. The DM appear to be biased more toward the bottom and mids, and less toward the top. I have a feeling their Will Power Middle is a real gnarly beast, even more so than their Model P.
  4. Hello, did someone say my name? :D

    Yeah, mine are on the way. I played them when someone had dropped them in a MIA Hot Rod P-Bass. I actually liked the tone for a change, which was very defined mids, kickass lows, and a tiny bit of sparkle in the highs. This sparkle was important, as I use distortion and chorus on my highs, and I want my effects to be effective. Clean, the pickups had punch by the bucketload, but not a real smooth Bartolini-ish tone. These are really 'metal' pickups. If you're sure it's what you want, I say go for it.

    Also, Slap tone will bust down walls.