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    Jan 9, 2009
    Hi guys, im new to all this OHMs stuff and its really confusing. I am also new to this web forum and posted a reaaallllyyyy long post in the wrong section lol, DUH.

    This is a shorter version.

    I am currently running through a Trace Elliott GP7 SM300 head with a 2 by 10inch cab and a 1 by 15 inch cab. It sounds great and i run one lead from each of the (speaker 8 OHM) outputs on the back. Both of my cabs have two inputs but they are custom made for the head and are not marked of OHMage or anything for that matter. Also when i bought the whole unit it came with now manual so i feel pretty lost here.

    When i bought it i was told i could "daisy chain" the two cabs together from just one of the outputs on the back of the head... does this sound right? Also i was told that i could run different cab settings for a different sound etc.

    I have a Laney PT412 cab here, i have ran it through the head on its own and it sounds great but i am worried about wrecking my head unit. So if anyone could answer these questions i would be forever in your gratitude.


    the Laney, as far as i am aware is a guitar cab, on the inputs it says.....

    8 OHMS right 150w and under the same input.. 4 OHMS MONO 300w
    8 OHMS left 150w and under the same output.. 16 OHMS MONO 300w.

    also in between the 2 inputs there is a slider switch which says MONO and STEREO.

    Here we go...

    1. can i use this cab without risking damage to my head unit?
    2. if i can, is there anyway i can also use the 15 or 10incher cabinets with it?
    3. if not, what would be a good next step for me?
    4. should i consider upgrading to a larger Head unit??

    I play heavy rocking sort of music with Trucker Diablo. We always play pretty darn loud and i would love to just be able to play loud without worrying about my amp blowing up. Im just a bassist, not a rocket scientist lol.

    Cheers for any feed back, and if you have replied to my previous message im sorry for stringing you along here. he he

    also, any suggestions on top quality speaker connection cables would be great.

    Thanx guys
  2. In "Stereo mode" you could run either the "Right or Left" input with one of the other cabs, less power running all 4 in mono 16 ohm with one of your other cabs. Can't find info on your amp head with a quick search to know if it could handle a 2 ohm load (all three)
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    Jan 9, 2009
    Thanx for the feed make matey.

    I checked the back of the amp for more info..

    Says its 280watts RMS and 580watts peak. the only thing on it about OHMS is under the two outputs for each speaker which says.. 8 OHMS Speaker.

    There is nothing on it about max or minimum in or outputs. I guess it was probably all clearly stated in the owners