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Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Reemo_bassist, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. I fitted a toggle switch (a la Tom Morello) to a friends electric guitar, but I cut the ground wire the first time instead of the output wires. I re-soldered the ground back together, but it still buzzes when the toggle switch is turned off. On, it's no problem, but when it's off, it makes a hell of a noise. If I run a ground wire from one of the pots to the output jack plate, it stops the buzz, but cuts out the signal altogether! Help me! How do I re-ground a guitar! Merlin...Joris?
  2. Try replacing the ground wire that was cut. The solder might not have made a complete conection, or is causing the signal to pass on to something else.

    If you can work up a sketch of the wiring diagram, it would be easier to pinpoint the problem.
  3. Yes a wiring diagram would be nice. or even the type of guitar and the setup you put in it.

    It is common to see the ground from the pots with a wire going to the pot body. So too, i have seen a wire going to the inside of the bridge (where the springs are on the electric guitar).

    Also when you flick the switch to the "off" position you may be switching off the grounding for the switch, and most possibly the grounding for the guitar. So find out what type of toggle switch it is, aka DPDT (Double Poll Double Throw) or SPST (single pole single throw) etc. Then ground one of the pins that are "closed" when you turn the switch to the off position.


  4. I have no idea how to draw a wiring diagram, neither do I know what sort of switch it is. It has only two pins on the bottom. I fitted it to an Aria Pro II guitar. When I touch the ground wire with the soldering iron, the grounding is perfect. ??
    Thanks for your help!
  5. Thats because your soldering iron is grounded, so by touching it you ground the guitar.

    I'm trying to find a picture of the switch. Is it a push down type of one? or one that clicks up/down?