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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by BassistGod, Nov 14, 2002.

  1. Hey everybody,

    I have a huge project in Business Communications coming up and I'm hoping you guys can help. The purpose of this project is to research something like a product or service for a specific person, for example, checking accounts and SUV's. Then after analyzing the data, give the person an unbiased recommendation on which one would be best for him.

    Obviously I chose to research bass guitars, which btw seems really interesting to my professor. Anyway, I chose my brother who is also my twin and the drummer of my band as my audience. Obviously though since he doesn't know jack squat about bass, I'll be deciding what qualities he's looking for in a bass.

    So here are the terms: First, I'm putting a $1000 dollar cap on it. I guess Used basses are okay as long as their resale value is consistently 1000 and under. "My brother" is looking for good construction, playability, and sound. By good sound "My brother" means a clean, deep, sounding bass. Doesn't need to have active pu's or preamp.

    Whew!! Okay now that you have the jist of the project, this is where you come in. In my 20 page paper that will accompany the oral presentaion, I have to go into depth about how I analyzed each bass. Obviously I'm going to need alot of filler. I figured I could talk alot about all the things affecting the sound of a bass. From all the different combinations of woods, to the pickups/preamps to the strings. I have found some decent sites about wood tones. And of course user reviews like Harmony Central's will be used.

    So basically I need as much informative bass sites or other info as possible. Any good sites describing different wood tones, differences in pickups, for example: jbass pu's being more middy sounding as opposed to pbass pu's, plus pu configuration differences. You know, all that good stuff that we bassists are so anal about knowing. If you guys could give me some suggestions on sites or other ways of getting this kind of information, It would help me out greatly. Any info pertaining to anything I have talked about will be useful since I need to fill up 20 pages.

    Please help a fellow bassist in his quest for a good project.:)
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    Apr 20, 2002
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