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  1. Hey appears I will probably will be replacing my b3158 with something else. I just need some advice on a good sounding combo in the $500 range. All tips and what not will be thanked.

    (by good sounding I mean that an amp that has a large tonal variety)
  2. Peavey Bam210
  3. way_of_opiatism

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    Feb 5, 2003
    if youve got a bam in the 500 range let me know. other than that why not check out a workingman or a gk both can be had in that range and are pretty easy to find to try before you buy.
  4. The bams are waaay to expesnive new, and I can't find anything used. I was kinda curious about hartke combos the 200 watt 15" speaker one

    (How are aluminum cone speakers different?)
  5. Ziggy


    May 9, 2001
    Orange County, CA

    I sold my Ampeg B-2 for $400, then used that, plus about 10% for shipping, and bought a used SWR-400... loved the Ampeg, but the SWR is getting nothing short of raves from everyone that hears it.

    michael s.
  6. ashton


    Jan 4, 2001
    i have a peavey 2X12 combo for sale if you like, its just in your price range.
    pm for details and such.
  7. You can try a hartke kickback 15. my school has one and it's a great combo amp man. Pretty loud, they go for like $529 new. The aluminum 15 rules man. I'm selling my hartke b120 for $300. you live in RI, if you drive here and pick it up, I'll take 275 for it. I have a 350 watt head now so I need a cab:D
  8. I'd like to get someting used from one of you....but I am kinda stuck in a loophole with Daddy's. And I can only get something from them....unless I sell it to someone here...but they would have to pick itup and be willing to pay $500 for an amp with a malfunctioning preamp peak light