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  1. I've been playing electric bass for some time now and a friend of mine has an EUB, but I don't know crap about an EUB. I have played one a few times and like it and want to learn, but first I'll need one. Can any of you more experienced players help me make a choice, I'm not planning on spending more than 3,000 so any input under that price range is good. Thanx a lot
  2. Visit and check out the Eminence.

    It lists for $2800, but Bob Gollihur sells them for a LOT less than that.

    It sounds more like an amplified upright bass than most on the market today.

    A problem with most "stick" type basses is that they play a lot like an upright bass (if you get a "real" one, with a 41.5" scale), but they tend to sound a lot like a bass guitar.

    Eminence, & Azola's EuroCoustic Series are both good ones to check out, though the Eminence may cost a lot less if you get one from Bob.