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  1. Has anyone had experience with this small jazz amp?

    I recently got to try one with my 6 string and I was shocked at how loud this little 12lbs combo could get. Of course, because of its size, it has a tighter and more compressed sound (which I honestly like), but it still could produce warm tones all the way down to the low B.

    My question is, because it is designed for jazz guitar, would this type of amp be more viable for someone who plays solo bass (especially with a high C string)? I notice with other bass combos, when playing in the upper register on a high C string, the tone can start to sound really thin. I assume that is because bass combos are designed for, well... bass, not necessarily for upper register material. With that thought, the Henriksen Blu could possibly occupy a space where not many other amps can.
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    I recently started playing at a church where all I needed on stage was an amp for a personal monitor. Based on a review on the double bass side, I decided to try the Blu.

    As a personal monitor, it works fine. The PA brought all my sound to the house. As a personal monitor, there was more than enough sound. And it's punchy enough where I didn't need a lot of volume.

    Since then, I've also paired it up with a Crazy8 cabinet for a duo gig. Amp/cab did most of the house sound with a little reinforcement from the PA. Again, more than enough sound. And the Crazy8 really extends the frequency a lot lower.

    A few points:
    The eq is different. Five band and the lowest is at 100hz. I play four strings and like a tight low and so this worked well for me. I didn't think I'd care about the Bluetooth aux channel but I use it all the time when I practice. The DI is always post eq.

    I'm glad I got the amp. It's GREAT for grab and go, jams and practices. It's great quality. It's also an amazing guitar amp.

    Also, check out the review on the DB side of TB.


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    May 7, 2005
    I use the Bud which is its sibling as my main amp. it works great. I found when testing the two there was a slight difference in sound between the two. I also needed both inputs on the Bud, so it was better for me. If you only need a single channel, the Bud IMO is a good choice.
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    Looks like good marketing...QSC K series will do better for less.