Henrythe8, bass player from France.

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  1. Hello All,
    I'm Henry, living in Northern France.
    I'm 40, playing bass since I was 17, my Gods are named Stuart Hamm and TM Stevens.
    I own a few basses, (Regal Dobro Bass, Olympia Acoustic bass, Höfner Beatle Bass Ignition, all of those with Piccolo Strings, my main basse is a '90 Spector NS-2A (Korean, don't get to excited), with custom electronics and a P/MM Bartolini Pick-Ups. Isabelle (that's her name) is currently under the hands of a Luthier in order to renew it and put a Kahler tremolo on. I also treasure a Bantam Doubleneck B62.
    My Show-Off axe is a Nirvana black '91 Warwick Dolphin Pro2. I owned a blue one in the past, sold it to get a Marcus Miller Jazz Bass... and regretted it. Sally (that's the Dolphin's name) is nowhere near a mint condition, but I still love the sound.

    My latest acquisition is a Pristine '78 SD Curlee Curbeck 2.

    Oh, and I'll be at the Warwick Bass Camp in September, Hope to see some of the folks there !