Herbie Hancock - Future to Future - new album

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by arther daily, Dec 6, 2001.

  1. OK, so HH aint a bassist, but his new album si drum & bass!!!!!!!!

    WEIRD! - I bought it in the jazz section at music store and it's D&B!

    Also, there's an amazing upright solo at the end of the last track... I mean AMAZING!

    Somebody buy it so I can talk to them about it!
  2. superphat


    Sep 30, 2001
    well, i haven't heard the whole albume, but i heard some realaudio tracks with matthew garrison on bass, and he's a bad bad mofo.
    must have gotten the bass genes from his dad (jimmy garrison - played with coltrane)
  3. chickeNeck


    Dec 6, 2001
    What? Matt Garrison is on that? Now I gotta check it out!!!

    Oddly enough, he plays in this project called 'Sveti' - it's a trio - e.bass, sax, and drums, and it's INSANE. Higher energy than I thought humanly possible. And that drummer... criminey... he must have been on speed or something. I haven't seen drumming like that since Billy Cobham.

    To my surprise those guys opened for us (I had never heard of them till load-in) in NYC about a month back but let me tell you, it shoulda been the other way around!

    Sveti has no records out to date, but if you're ever in NYC, look them up, Matt and the fellas won't let you down!

    Thanks for the tip bud.

  4. jazzbo


    Aug 25, 2000
    San Francisco, CA
    Have you heard Herbie's Dis is Da Drum? Good album.

    Incidentally, I've been listening to Man Child a lot lately. Just love "Hang Up Your Hang Ups".
  5. cheers guys, I'm gonna look out for stuff with this Garrison geezer.

    Seriously - buy the CD, you wont regret it...
  6. superphat


    Sep 30, 2001
    chickeneck... checked out your band's site...
    them grooves are serious like a mofo.
    very nice:)
  7. I'm genuinley not taking the piss, what on Earth does this mean?

    "them grooves are serious like a mofo"

    What is this 'mofo' you speak of?

    ...and what is so serious about it?!

    OK, I'm half taking the piss, but only light-heartedly... really, what is a mofo?
  8. chickeNeck


    Dec 6, 2001
    Superphat, thanks a bunch for the kind words, I really appreciate it!

    Tell ya what, if you wanna get me your mailing addy, I'll send you a free CD of the Bishops last studio record. I'm feeling Christmasy!

    [email protected]

    Have a great day!

  9. chickeNeck


    Dec 6, 2001
    Oh yeah, and check out Herbie's main man Paul Jackson on the Herbie album Thrust. It was re-released about a year ago - sick sick sick!!!
  10. superphat


    Sep 30, 2001
    well, when i hear something that's grooving hard, i just have to say "DAMN! that groove is a MuthaF***a"
    i just wanted to keep it clean on talkbass! :D
    what do you say in the UK?
  11. Aah, suddenly everything became clear!

    All these years I've been wondering what mofo meant, seriously! Ever since I bought Uplift Mofo Party Plan by RHCP.

    What expression would I use? - hmm, tricky one, depends on the type of groove, to be honest most of the time a real tight groovey groove just leaves me speechless and I cant do or say anything, but groove along with it!

    I have an HH album from '79 cant remember what it's called, but it has some serious funky bass and some great grooves on it... I'll check it out and post again.
  12. superphat


    Sep 30, 2001
    ha! i know what you mean about the speechless thing...
    sometimes, when the groove is killin' i'll just make a weird "ugh" type of noise that originates from somewhere in my gut...:D
    could the album be headhunters? a classic!
  13. There's a million songs that get me like that, one of which is James Brown - Aint it funky now... the sax... aaaah macio!!!!

    another one is Roy Ayers - we live in brookyln baby... that song is just THE MOST atmospheric vibe & groove imaginable... if you havent heard it, i assuem you have, go and find it and buy it NOW!
  14. chickeNeck


    Dec 6, 2001
    And let's not forget the great STEVIE WONDER.

    If you're looking for the ultimate Herbie record, look no further.... FLOOD. It's a Japanese import live record from 77 (I think) and it is his best work for that era, and of course features the dymamic duo of Paul Jackson and Mike Clark.

    The way Maiden Voyage works into Actual Proof is pure magic.... and Herbie stays on piano! If you can get your hands on it, and you're into his 70's funk/jazz, it'll be in your regular rotation for years.

  15. noted, i'm go online shopping right now!