Herco Thumb Picks

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  1. BenF


    Mar 29, 2001
    Boston area
    Just an FYI:

    I just bought a few Herco Thumb Picks and I like 'em. They are a full sized pick with a thumb loop.

    I switch back and forth from pick to fingers quite a bit, often during a single song, so with the Herco I don't have to worry about dropping the pick or finding a place to put it when I go to fingers. I can keep the thumb pick on and rest my thumb on a pickup just like I normally do.

    The downside of thumb picks is that they force you to hold the pick in one position, so they're not for you if you like to use different pick angles.

    Check 'em out if you get the chance.

    There's a photo on this page:


    P.S. How's about we not turn this into a "Pick Vs. Fingers" excercise in futility? If you're feeling fractious I'm sure there's some heavy traffic you can run around in for a while, and I'm not talking about the Bakshi film...
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  2. Oy.. make a photo of your hand while holding one dude :)
  3. flipperwhite


    Jul 12, 2001
    BUT ONLY OF IT IN YOUR "HAND" PLEASE!!!!!.do not put it on anything other than your finger!!,remember this is a family bass forum.:eek: hee hee he
  4. BenF


    Mar 29, 2001
    Boston area
    Sorry guys...I meant to say that it's a toe pick. Yup, you just slip the little sucker over your big toe, lay a second bass on the floor and, voila, you can now play a bass duet with yourself.

    My God, it's magic...