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Here are some hardware weights (bridge, tuners)

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Mr M, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. Maybe this can be a sticky. To mods to decide...

    Just to give an idea to the ones who are planning to replace an existing tuner/bridge or who would build a bass from scratch.

    I measured the following items on a high quality kitchen weighing scale (max. 3 kg, with 1 g of increments). So this is not as precise as a jewelery weighing scale but would give an idea.

    Bass bridges:
    • Leo Quan BadAss II (4 string) 226 g (including the screws)
    • Leo Quan BadAss II V (5 string) 296 g (including the screws)
    • Schaller Roller Bridge (4 string) 254 g (including the screws)
    • Kahler 2400 Bass Tremolo (4 string) 525 g (including the screws) + 50 g (tremolo bar)

    • Sperzel Bass locking tuner 38 g (no screw needed)
    • Sperzel Bass D-thing (detuner) 54 g (everything included)
    • Gotoh Res-o-lite bass tuner 40 g (including the screw)
    • Hipshot HB6C ultralite Clover 1/2" 53 g (including the screw)
    • Hipshot HB8C ultralite Clover 3/8" 56 g (including the screw)
    • Hipshot HE6Y ultralite Y key bass x-tender (detuner) 3/8" 86 g (including the screw)
    • Hipshot HE6C ultralite Clover bass x-tender (detuner) 1/2" 100 g (including the screw)
    • Hipshot GB7 bass x-tender (detuner) 107 g (including the screw)
    • Hipshot BT3 bass x-tender (detuner) 136 g (including the screw)
    • noname Gotoh GB7 style tuner 61 g
    • Fender bass tuner (used on Aerodyne Basses) 98 g
    • Gibson bass tuner (used on explorer) 107 g
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    Apr 22, 2004
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