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Here is to feeling awesome!

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by Microbass, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. What an awesome weekend!

    An idea suggested by a pupil in school was to put on a tsunami fund raiser gig. I took it by the horns and dominated my little town.

    We had 4 bands play. The RipOffs (our band), What The Dead Know , The Nameless (young cover band from school), and Daedalian.

    The show turned out to be a huge success. As the day went on Saturday, budget subjects (PA cost was reduced, backline we got for less than half price) were being dropped or lowered. It was amazing.

    Someone who i'm not too close to came in to hear our last 3 songs and said to me the next day "you guys should've headlined!".

    On the night, the 4 bands PACKED the club at one point, we had almost 200 people in there!. Doesn't sound much, but for one band whove done 2 gigs, our band who arent old enough to gig in the city, and the 2 "main bands" sharing the fanbase, that was exellent.

    We managed to raise £1050, minus 350 for running costs, bang bang, £700 for DEC Appeal!

    Several factors made this night rock for me. The owner of the club has basically "hired" me to do this as a monthly event! I saw so many old friends and they all loved us too! The local newspaper absoulutly ditched us to make a cover story on another christian band that were playing that night. HAH! No competition, at all, as long as the heart is there for this cause i dont care who had the biggest event! But we owned the newspaper, thats what rocked!

    Brian from Daedalian said to me

    There were many funny odds and sods during the night, one being where me and Kneel from What The Dead Know started pitting to a crap song for a laugh, and nearly got thrown out. haha!

    Being labelled "a lead guitarist who plays bass!" by our ex-drummer, who then demanded we pay him royalties for our hit Stuck In Democracy since it's been getting airplay and such. heheh. Drummers ;)

    I feel great, so I felt like sharing. If anyone is interested, you can check out the review Brian from Daedalian and I wrote on our site:

    rock on fellas! :hyper: :D
    don't think I've got any good pictures, but I'll post them if I do get any!
  2. I forgot to add this part on.

    During sound check, the bass was awful. We were using a Harkte 15 and a 410XL into an Ashdown MAG300.
    Now, the bassist had broke his speakon, sso we had to daisy chain, which meant (i tihnk??) the freq's were everywhere, and of course, we had no cross over.

    Thats right, it's time for my baby Trace to see her first big gig. The other were skeptical we could make the bass become audible. Hah. Other were skeptical that I had a proper bass amp, not knowing my recent purchase ;)

    So my bro comes in, with the trace. I hook her up, plug in, set my settings. HOLY CRAP! Man that head was freakin LOUD! Everyone lite up! Our "producer" and sound guy had been helping with sound checks with the sound guy there, and I looked out from the stage and they were smiling. Theres Haigie's sound. THATS THE TRACE BABY!!!

    Everyone wanted a piece! The sound guy constantly told me to turn up! Everyone commented on how good it sounded. It wasnt picture perfect for me, a little trebley, due my inexperience with the cabs. Daedalian's bassist THUNDERED that night through my amp, and thats the best I've ever heard him!

    I love my baby. The switch that had previously died on me worked fine throughout the gig, and is working better than before back at home! Bizarre! :cool:
  3. stagger lee

    stagger lee

    Jul 11, 2004
    congratulations on a great gig man. nothing in the world beats that feeling. sometimes when you've played a **** gig you don't really feel anything afterwards, but you know you've played a killer if you've got the buzz afterwards.