here's a tune to learn.....EZY RIDER

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  1. my new band has added a couple of Hendrix tunes to our list.

    i favor the later Hendrix LPs with Mr. COX laying down the low end.

    especially, the LP CRY OF LOVE.

    the one tune i've had the most fun with is EZY RIDER.

    some great rock riffs as well as some Jamerson-like double fingering.

    its one of my fave tunes of all time. still stands out today.

    Jimi's phrasing with guitar and lyrics are unmatched on this tune!

    grab it...

  2. Ezy Rider is one of my favorites.

    Great bass.
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    I'll move this to recordings, where it belongs.
  4. yeah, bought "first rays of the new rising sun" a couple of months ago.

    how about playing Ezy Rider and Lenny Kravitz' "Are you gonna go my way" back to back? :D
  5. SACRILIGE!!!!!