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Here's How to Make Your Own TC Toneprints

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by ryansalmond, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. ryansalmond


    Nov 21, 2007
    Looking at the video linked below, I paused during the sections where it showed their TonePrint editing screen and I recognized something-

    The parameters available to them are essentially the same ones in the 'Super Edit Mode' of the discontinued Voicetone Create, a special editing mode where users are allowed to change every one of the 70+ parameters that make up a patch in the pedal.

    I'm talking about the original Create, not the Create XT. This is a vocal pedal, with mono XLR in and stereo XLR outs. They can be had on the used market for about $160. With jacks modded to 1/4", or combo, or with adapters, you could essentially be doing what they're doing in these videos. Except with 4 effects at a time and the ability to blend them in -some- combinations of parallel and series. All with just a Nova-sized enclosure.


    And here is the manual for the VoiceTone Create super-edit mode: http://www.tc-helicon.com/download/manuals/voicetone-create/VoiceToneCreate_SuperEditMode(1).pdf

    I use mine on vocals, and I loooooove it. But maybe some of you are interested in making your own TonePrints for bass, hey why not?

    I had previously thought of this as a way of getting sort of something similar to making your own toneprint, I think I mentioned it in a couple threads a while back. But I had assumed the toneprint thing probably involved lots of other parameters... seeing the screens in this video, to my surprise, it looks like the parameter sets are almost the same. Check out the list of variables in the Super Edit manual and the variables on the screen for the delay or chorus.
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