here's what I found in my cabinet

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  1. I've had my Sunn 2x15 cabinet for about 6 years now and just today I took the back off for the first time.

    I had always assumed the speakers were the original JBLs - here's what I found when I opened it up.

    They both look to be about the same age, same style decals and wear - but one is a D-130F and one is a D-140F.

    Which one shoudl my cabinet have and what would happen if I put another one of the same type in - what about the other way around?

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  3. From what I found from the brochures on the site, my cabinet came with the D-140.

    Does anyone know the differences in tonal characteristics? Is there a difference in frequency response?
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    Wow, great site! Thanks RockBobby!
  5. The D130F is a lead guitar driver. It is the fore runner to the K130 and current E130.

    The D140F is a bass driver. Current version is the E140.