Hey all - what's up?

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    Hey everybody,

    New member - hoping to learn a little something. A long time ago in what seems like another life, I played a little guitar, then switched to bass - and played enough that I thought I needed a Rickenbacker (as far as talent was concerned, I certainly didn't!).

    Now I've pulled out my equipment and have been having fun playing around - so much so that I'm thinking I might actually want to learn the right way this time!

    I've still got both of my Rics and an old franken-Squire with a P-body and Jazz neck - and I've always wanted a Stingray, so I've got a Sub Ray4 on the way - practicing on a little Ashdown 15w combo, and I still have my old 200w Laney combo and Sunn Concert Bass head/Bag End cabinet from a long time ago that will stay safely powered off until I know what I am doing again!

    Since no thread is worthwhile without pics, here's one of my two Rics:

    The '78 with a Badass II bridge (pure awesomeness):

    The other Ric is an '82, all stock, same color. The P/J combo is Red with EMG's, and the soon-to-arrive Ray is all black with a maple fingerboard - can't wait to give it a try after some strings, a rough setup, and the preamp mod.


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    Hello and welcome !

    I'm having my second go at bass too.

    Started in 1979 , stopped in 1995. Took it up again recently after buying a bass again. Joined TB....now I have 4 basses, 2 amps, and pedals? first mooers, now want bigger, better ones......
  3. There is a cure for that GAS. It's retirement and fixed income. :smug:


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    Partial cure. LOl
  5. Some newer members might not know what GAS is. You are 100% right, though.
  6. Welcome, Todd.