hey im lost now

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  1. Stingray


    May 12, 2000
    ok i really wan to get a good to excellent home recording sound im looking a three mixers right know
    2 analog and 1 digital. The digital being the roland vm3100 and the others being a.)carvin concert series 44, b.)mackie cfx-12 or 16

    first off which do you think is better
    maybe gives some pro's and cons of all
    and help me make a descion
    just to help out heres some of the other i will be using along with whatever choice i make
    some sm-57's
    Some pg-57's(a great alternative to the sm sounds pretty dang good and comparable to me)
    an at-3525
    an at-3035 or behringer b-2 still deciding here to
    i dont really want to spend anymore money tobuy extra mic preamps so if the preamps such please tell me(on the boards i mean) thanks
    Help me please
  2. Mackie is what i would recommend. Mackie preamps are definately quality mic pre's, granted, they may vary from the quality of board, but none the less, being a mackie, out of the options, i would definately opt for the mackie board.