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Hey, I've got a cuppla questions before I tear down my bass for a refin

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by dryheatbob, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. Finally decided on what to do with my Hamer- Fender blonde from the reranch.com site, with a rosewood pickguard and knobs. I may put some pearl overlays on the fretboard from fretware.com if the fretboard looks like it needs a little dressing up(a new neck proved alittle too much $ for a low buck bass and I've come to really like the feel of the stock one anyway).

    I know- all sizzle, no steak, but I already like the sound this thing has so changing the pups, bridge, etc isn't in the plans. I just think the blue body/white pickguard style it's got now is a bit too pedestrian.

    Anyway, here's my questions-

    Should I loosen the trussrod while the neck is off the body? I'm concerned that having the neck under pressure from the trussrod without the strings putting opposite pressure on the neck(I think that makes sense) might cause some damage. The fretboard is rosewood, if that makes any difference.

    Second, if there is nothing wrong with the pots/jack/wiring, are there any drawbacks to putting them back in? It looks like if I unsolder the pups from the pots and the pots from the jack, it shold all easily pull out. More importantly, it should all easily go back in. I like easy.:D

    So any tips?

  2. Read this before you refin your neck and adjust it.

    The "guts" all work fine? Heck yeah, put them back......."if it ain't broke, why fix it?

  3. Thanks, Treena.

    I figured reusing the guts wasn't an issue,I just wasn't sure if heating/reheating the tabs the pup wires solder to would cause problems.

    As far as the Gary Willis site, there isn't anything there that helps with the issue of leaving the neck 'stressed' by the trussrod while it's off the bass. Any other suggestions?

  4. What I have done before is, when desoldering, it's important to have your solder very hot so it runs off, like the nickel solder with a flux core. Use those little vacuum suckers to get the extra solder off.

    My suggestion about the neck relief is, it should be okay, as long as it doesn't take a week for the refinish. Wood moves over time and if you were raising the tension you should do it over time.

    Make sense?

    There is a great site with tutorials on neck and relief while building.


    Hope you find this useful!


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