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Hey steve! see when your in Edinburgh....

Discussion in 'Ask Steve Lawson & Michael Manring' started by ceeprm, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. ceeprm


    Jul 15, 2002
    Edinburgh Scotland
    any chance of a lesson or would that spoil your trip? Il definately try and make one of your shows anyway- are you going to see much during the festival? I'l give you insider knowledge on the best music venues (oh wait that would be venue) and edinburgh bassplayers if you don't know all ready if you want....


  2. Steve Lawson

    Steve Lawson Solo Bass Exploration! Supporting Member

    Apr 21, 2000
    Birmingham, UK
    Hi Philip,

    drop me an email and we'll see what we can sort out about a lesson!

    I'm hoping to get to see some of the festival, especially Abe Laboriel, Antonio Forcione and some of the comedy! :)