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  1. TomVanner


    Mar 19, 2014
    Fort Wayne
    Hey, new to forum, got a 1986 Peahvey Foundation 4 string bass. All original parts, but really tempting cuz I'm a customizer. I customize EVERYTHING. Including guitars. I also have an 06' Yamaha piece of junk 4-string. Now I know not to buy basses from Sweetwater :D. I also recently aquired a Mysterious De'Ammond 5 string bass. Took at least too weeks to clean it up so I could actually see what color the paint was. (Not very well taken care of) If I post a picture of the De'ammond, could someone maybe tell me what the MODEL name is for that bass? also, has 5 knobs. Anyways, here it is.
    Thanks doods!:hyper:
  2. Welcome!