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hey y'all, here's a toon i did on my rickenbacker 4003 bass!

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by basszenny, May 9, 2005.

  1. basszenny


    May 9, 2005
  2. californiagirl


    May 4, 2005
    Thank you! I really enjoyed it...
  3. basszenny


    May 9, 2005
  4. basszenny


    May 9, 2005
  5. Chip Boaz

    Chip Boaz

    Apr 23, 2004
    Pretty cool funk jam. Are all the parts bass? What effects are you using? I like it.
  6. basszenny


    May 9, 2005
    yup, all the gittar-like parts were played on bass using the inbuilt efx (fuzz/wah, delay/chorus kombos) from a korg d1200 multitrakker...
    :hyper: :bassist:
  7. Matt Till

    Matt Till

    Jun 1, 2002
    Edinboro, PA
    When I first read this, I almost crapped, I thought you drew a cartoon on your rickenbacher... I was going to kill you! :D

    I like the tUNE though. :D
  8. basszenny


    May 9, 2005

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