Hey you Germans out there, where's the river Pockau ?

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  1. A friend of mine has to know about the river Pockau in eastern-Germany.
    But we couldn't locate it on a map.

    From wich river is this a side river ? Through wich famous place does it runs through ?
    Coördinats if possible ?

    (I don't know why she needs this information for, I'm just trying to impress her ;) )

    Thanks neigbours.
  2. I'm not German, but, I like Geography. I thought I was pretty good, but, it took me a while to find this elusive devil. It's in the Erzgebirge Mountains; I knew that. :rolleyes: Now, as your homework assignment, YOU must find the Erzgebirge Mountain range. (hee hee)


    Impress that young lady! :D

    Good luck.

    Mike J.
  3. Bump.

    Would anyone like a nice tour of the Ruhr Valley, The Teutoberg Forest* or Neuschwanstein?**

    My father was based near Oberamergau after WWII. Does anybody care? :( :D

    Mike J.

    * The site where 3 Roman Legions were lost to a great Germanic Warrior, circa 9 A.D.


    ** Disney's Castle is modeled after this place.

    I just went through that German history site - It's great! :cool:
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    I actually used to know the Roman commander that led those 3 legions to there doom!!!!

    (OK, so it was on Discovery a few months back......)