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  1. I just found this forum recently, although I've been a bassist since about 1984. I started music on viola in 3rd grade and have since learned trumpet, piano, bass, and guitar (in that order). Bass is my true love out of these instruments. I enjoy the creativity of integrating melodies and counterpoint into parts while never failing to fill out the bottom end. It is stimulating and satisfying to do that job well.

    Brief bass history is playing in competition bands, jazz bands, and musicals in high school followed by three years of classic and alternative rock gigs in college (perhaps a hundred nights in clubs and private parties). Ever since I've been playing in churches, which is a really cool gig... no booze, no smoke, no 4am bedtimes. Even better, the music and the scene lifts people up instead of tearing them down.

    My musical taste is about breadth... I enjoy a variety of styles. The groups I play with these days integrate elements from rock, jazz, celtic, folk/acoustic, country, etc. to create really interesting music. We end up with sets where each song sounds fresh and has something distinctive about it.

    Talk to you all later,

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