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    Jul 27, 2013
    Ottawa, On
    Just joined up - just acquired an early Aerodyne PJ last night, and was referred here by the same buddy who sold me this bass. I have been a lead player/frontman for over 40 years, but have always wanted to explore bass more. As we all know, bassists are the most difficult musicians to find in a pinch.

    I'm delighted with the bassist in our band, but he has a young family and a great career, so he travels a lot. He also sits in with other bands at times. I'm looking at building bass chops as a failsafe for when I need a bassist and mine or any other good bassist isn't available.

    My other guitarist is more proficient on bass than I am, and we possibly could switch back and forth and carry a gig, should the need arise. If I am able to get really proficient on bass, I may be able to sit in on other bands' gigs someday.

    I am a mod at the Guitar Player Forum, so I know what great environments these fora can be. Sure, a mod has to be a cop once in a while, but the general ambience on my forum has been peaceful and positive for many years now, and I wouldn't change a thing. I look fwd to interacting with musicians who are far more advanced than myself on this instrument.

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