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Hi... i am new here

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by jescanlon, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. jescanlon


    Mar 2, 2003

    i am new here at this forum and also new at playing the bass. i am planning on buying a new bass. i have been playing an acoustic guitar for a few years and i have decided i want to buy a bass. i have had about six people recommend a fender precision or jazz bass to me. i don't know much about either and i am planning on trying them out at a store. i was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on which bass they prefer. also, if you could recommend any other type of bass you feel would be a good investment i would appreciate it. i am looking to spend about $300 - $500. thanks in advance for any replies.

  2. Welcome to TB. I hope you like it here.

    $300-$500 eh...?

    You can't ever go wrong with a Precision or Jazz. Make sure you play a few of those at the store. Also, look at some MTD Kingstons if you have the chance. They can be had for that price if you look.
  3. secretdonkey


    Oct 9, 2002
    Austin, TX
    Hi, and welcome to Talkbass!

    Yup, it is really hard to go wrong with a Fender or Fender-style bass. There's a reason that so many people use them, and a reason why some of the best luthiers in the business make their own versions of these Fender classics.

    Ask four people and you'll get five or six opinions, but the differences between the Precision (P) and Jazz (J) come down mainly to personal taste. I play a Jazz mainly because I like the skinny neck taper - it just feels more right to me. Each sounds different. The Jazz is going to have more possibilities for different sounds, and is better for slap/pop techniques, while the Precision is straight-ahead, all business and hard to make sound bad.

    Play both and take home the one that seems right for you! Good luck finding the right bass, whether it be a Fender or something else entirely! :)
  4. Killdar


    Dec 16, 2002
    Portland Maine

    bass is infinitely better than guitar, so the choice to convert is a good one!

    I prefer Jazz basses over Precisions mostly, Because of the sound, playability, and versatility, but you really can't go wrong with either. Try to find a real Fender in that price range, instead of a Squier, since the main company obviously has better quality products than a cheaper knockoff.
  5. I use a Hamer 5-String ... It's around $500 and you get the low B to boot... I'm lucky that I actually reclaimed mine for $200 less then what I would've. It's really all about if you can find a Bass for a good deal and if the stores around your area stock the kind of Bass you'd like... Good luck! :bassist: